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Just would like to say I received my lashes and I’ve never been so in love❤️!!! and I also want to thank you for being so polite and patient with me and all my questions💋

You was an absolute angel and I wish you nothing but the best within your business, can’t wait to get in my next order.


hey I received my eyelashes really quick and they’re the best quality lashes ever😩I’ve worn them everyday for the pass week and they’re still in amazing condition, usually lashes only two wears, they look amazing, and the lipgloss is not sticky at all, nice and smooth touch to the lips, love it all, will defo be purchasing more soon❤️


I’m literally in love with all my products they smell amazing😍 love the texture of the lipgloss too! Definitely will be ordering again and recommending you to everyone!😍😍


the lashes are so fluffy omds🥺I’m literally obsessed. I no longer need to get Russians done as icy, henessy do the trick.❣️


Hey babe, just received my lash box. Honestly so happy with it😍 Can’t wait to put these lashes on, definitely ordering again, thanks girl💕💕💕


Girl can I just say I’m not sure if you remember but I bought a lash box of you last year Christmas time. It included three lashes and they have lasted this long!! I couldn’t believe it at first but It just shows how amazing your lashes actually are. Ive only wore them now and again but I’ve kept them clean, brushed them out as if they were extensions and yet they have still lasted a whole year. Your lashes are unbelievable🤯💖



Welcome to BeautyDreams website! If you love ladies beauty accessories your definitely at the right place, this brand is run by one person only. At BeautyDreams we want to empower our women to feel beautiful inside and out, we are a beauty brand here to supply you all with our top quality products that you can use on a daily basis. Our products will range from 15-25mm mink lashes, lipglosses, lipscrubs and other accessories at affordable prices and free fast UK delivery service.